Tips for Great Looking Skin

What is the difference between men’s skin and women’s skin?

There are many key differences between men’s skin and women’s and so men require a much more specialised skincare routine. I believe men and women should avoid using the same skincare products because these differences are so important.

Typically men’s skin is more oily than women’s and due to daily shaving, is more fragile and rougher too. Men also have larger skin pores – making your skin an easier target for bacteria. What’s also interesting is that men have slightly thicker skin on their face compared to women, on average it’s about 22% thicker, so you need skincare products that can deeply treat the skin. Another key difference between men and women’s skin is the basic genetic makeup of the skin – men’s skin has a lower Ph value than women’s and also has a higher collagen density too.

When we developed Routine For Men skincare we took these differences into account, working with the best natural ingredients at our UK laboratory creating skincare formulated specifically for men’s skin.

What separates Routine For Men from other men’s skincare lines?

First of all, our formulations are what make this brand different to and if I may say so, better than, the others. We created Routine For Men to provide a healthy and effective skin care solution for the contemporary man that is also a genuine pleasure to use and make part of your daily routine.

Harnessing the power of some of the natural world’s most effective ingredients, our advanced formulations provide exceptional performance throughout the day. At Routine For Men we take our responsibility for your skin’s wellbeing seriously and believe that is unnecessary to buy lot’s of ‘OK’ grooming products instead selecting just a few really good ones – I think Routine For Men are those really good products.

Why natural skincare? What’s the benefit of natural ingredients versus chemical ingredients?

The vast majority of skincare products in the today’s market are made from synthetic chemicals, including many known toxins. Research shows that these toxins – including parabens, sulfates, phthalates and many others – can penetrate the skin and accumulate in the body’s organs, potentially causing health issues over time.

With recent advances in green chemistry, it is now possible to go natural without sacrificing any efficacy. In fact it’s now much better to do so – today we can formulate potent natural products that outperform conventional synthetic ones while offering a much more subtle, refined experience for you and your skin.

What is your most important piece of advice for men with regards to their grooming routine?

Do it daily! Cleanse and moisturise with good products – your skin will look and feel great.

What are your quick-fix tips for men’s skin after a late night out?

My number one tip will be – cleanse! Especially after a late night. Wash your face with cold water and then use the Routine For Men Dual Action Face Wash – it’s the ultimate pick me up.

What is your favourite ingredient in the range?

Vetiver Root Oil is definitely my favourite ingredient. It’s unique attributes help soften dry skin and reduce oiliness and it has a wonderful earthy, woody scent that calms the nerves. Vetiver is known as a “cicatrisant” – meaning it assists in skin cell regeneration and strengthens the connective tissues in the skin, reducing any sagging and leading to firmer looking skin. It also helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles and can speed up the disappearance of scar tissue or dark spots, helping to create a more even skin tone. As well as all this, Vetiver naturally kills any bad bacteria on the skin and can calm inflammation associated with acne too. It’s amazing!