Dec 21 2015

It’s a rarity that a male grooming brand seems to get men so much. Their recommended regime is a simple two-step process involving a face wash and moisturiser.

Easy Male Grooming – Routine Skincare for Men

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Easy Male Grooming | Routine Skincare for Men

December 16, 2015 

I’m generally alright at sharing with the exception of food and skincare. The food thing is just good sense considering I’ve a ferocious appetite. So if you ask for a chip then yes, I’ll begrudgingly oblige (I’ll also make a mental note not to eat next to you again). The skincare sharing comes from multiple cases of my now husband asking to borrow ‘something for his face’. I’d lovingly and stupidly loan him a great quality intensive moisturiser laden with all sorts of hyaluronic acid and fruit enzymes only to be returned a pot with a massive divot scooped out. With my taste in extortionate skincare, that’s generally a twenty euro blob right there. Not cool. And so I took action in the form of buying him the cheapest moisturizer on offer in the supermarket that week, allowing him to shovel as much out as his heart desired. He could slather it all over his car for all I care.

But as time passed and my skincare collection grew, I’d been feeling as though my skincare-challenged husband might benefit from some decent male grooming. Nothing as fancy as my labour-intensive pre-bedtime routine involving oils, serums and balms of all sorts. Something easy, but with active ingredients that his skin would genuinely benefit from. He can thank me for his Benjamin Button complexion later.

On getting the opportunity to try out Routine for Men face wash and moisturizer, I was optimistic and rightly so. It’s a rarity that a male grooming brand seems to get men so much. Their recommended regime is a simple two-step process involving a face wash and moisturiser. Pretty straightforward even for the manliest of men. I love this simple philosophy combined with their commitment to natural ingredients. Paraben-free and never tested on animals; two major boxes ticked right there.

Their branding reflects the no-fuss products brilliantly, black and white in decent 100ml (Face Wash) and 75ml (moisturiser) free-standing tubes labelled ‘1’ and ‘2’, clever, eh?! No fiddly application or convoluted claims.

Step 1: The Routine Dual-Action Face Wash (€33.13) is a combined cleanser and toner, boasting nourishing coconut oil (I might end up stealing this one) combined with the natural antiseptic properties of tea tree leaf extract and refreshing eucalyptus leaf oil. Massaged onto damp skin this is a beautiful all-round cleanser.

Men generally don’t have a face full of makeup to remove at the end of each day, but there’s still a significant build-up of dead cells and oils that block pores if left to build.

Squeeky clean faces then get some moisture love in the form of Step 2: Routine Revitalising Moisturiser (€33.13). Nourishing and hydrating, the non-greasy formula soaks into skin quickly leaving no greasy residue. The running theme of natural wholesome ingredients continues here with a combination of aloe vera, vitamin C and sunflower seed extract, all the while soothing any irritated shaving rash while firming and hydrating.

Being the skincare geek that I am, I initially thought how great the prospect of an expansion to eye products, after shave balms or even masks would be. But that defeats the purpose. The simplicity is the selling point here and my fresh faced husband will vouch for that! Routine for Men is a great easy skincare option for men. Available here and is a great gifting idea for the dull-skinned man in your life this Christmas!

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